Women in Todays World

Its 2017, a year of substantial change within the modern world. Women, during this year, have shown substantial growth with emphasizing their rights. In March, women from all over the world bound together in a world wide march to protest the removal of Planned Parenthood. Women from all over the world were standing united to fight for their rights. Ranging from Europe to Kenya, all stood by their fellow women to help fight for their rights.

In August of 2017, The New York Times posted an article titled, “From a Womens March Leader: We Need to Stand United” by Bob Bland. Within this article there is talk of how different aspects of women come together to create a better environment for us all. Bland said, “We are a movement grounded in love for all people, but especially for the vulnerable, the oppressed and the marginalized.”

This article shows how women, fight for what they believe is right. They are not just fighting for their gender, but for all those who cannot speak up for themselves. We are a society that has been oppressed and are helping those that continue to fight out of societies shadows.

Jane Austen, an 18th century author, is someone who heavily shows women’s power through her works. Pride and Prejudice a novel published in 1813, has a young witty woman as the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet. She is a strong minded, honest, lively young women, who shows how even throughout older generations, women were still bound together to fight through the oppression within society. Elizabeth is a women who knows what she wants in life and tries to find any way she can to achieve those goals.

Mr. Darcy, is a rich, proud, thoughtless man. He believes that since he has a high social status, he is ultimately able to have anything he desires. Elizabeth however, shows him that he is wrong. She shows him that she is a woman who is strong enough to have her own ability to chose who she deems worthy. Elizabeth said, “But I cannot — I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly” (chapter 34). She rejects Mr. darcy’s proposal by showing him how she is not something that he can have, she is worth more than that. She goes against societies norms of women accepting any suitor that approaches them.

Throughout history, women have had to fight for the ability to make their own decisions. They have had to prove their worthiness to men again and again before it stuck. Even to this day, their ideals aren’t important to men and they continue to fight for what they need. In the 18th century women were thought of as objects to have, they lacked the ability to choose for themselves. Elizabeth Bennet, is an example of someone fighting for what they believe in by rejecting Mr. Darcy’s proposal. This was especially unheard of during this time period. Today, women have to fight for their right to have planned parenthood, accessibility to birth control, and health care for gynecologists, which is something that should be given, not fought for.

Women have come so far from where they stood in the 18th century. Although they still have a long way to go, they continue to show their worth and come together to fight for their rights as women. I am proud to be a women in todays world and show the world how far we’ve come and how far we will continue to go.


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