Provoking, endless, distressing. Thoughts are something every single person has. Whether they are creative, mind boggling, or very deep and inspiring, everybody can relate through the idea of thoughts.

Literature is showing characters thoughts through words. It is expressing every aspect of the human mind through printed letters on a page. A character is creating a scene through words, making the reader understand them by their thoughts. A character is relating their experiences through their brain.

Especially classical literature, which shows how advanced and inspiring the human mind can be. Characters within this time period didn’t have cell phones, computers, or tablets to block their view of the world. They only had their eyes and the words on the page. They took more time detailing out what they are seeing through words and imagery.

In todays world, the idea of explaining scenery through words is absurd when there are easier ways of showing what you see.

Leo Tolstoy was a man who was able to use his words to describe the looks of his characters. His Novel was able to create an image within the readers head. It allowed for room to determine what something looked like in different ways. It allowed for the imagination to take place within the human brain.

Leo Tolstoy was a famous author well known for his novel, Anna Karenina. This novel was based in Moscow, during a time of multiple turning points within the way societal norms are associated. There is acts of adultery and unrequited love between different couples. The aspects in the book where not out right told to the reader, there were innuendos and hidden meanings written within the pages to make the reader jump through hoops to figure it out.

These brain bending, analysis of the written word are not as prominent in todays world then they were with past generations. There was the ability to be creative and to use your brain to come to conclusions that not everyone can see.

Today, everything is turning into a world of black and white. The grey area is no longer prominent. If someone needs to describe the way a flower looks covered in morning dew. They would rather show a picture then use their words to describe, the way the silky moist dew trickles over the purple felt of the lilac pedal reflecting off the rising sun.

Thoughts are something that can manipulate all of the human sense, and their perspective of life. Thoughts are something that change with time, they can be easily manipulated.

In todays generation however, thoughts have changed to be more distant and allude creativity compared to older generations outlook on life.


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