War Within Literature

For decades there have been wars, battles, and detrimental experiences that have dramatically altered the way of human living. Every country at some point in time has been in a war, whether on their own ground or across the boarder in the next country over. The United States has shown threats of war within the past few weeks. This news has caused so many people to prepare for devastating outcomes.

The human conditions within these battles, has been reflected through literature. How every aspect of war can manipulate every aspect of life.

Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner, and A Thousand Splendid Suns,  has shown through his use of imagery how war is damaging to all aspects of human life.

Both of these books are based in Kabul, which is a place known to U.S. citizens as a place consumed with war. This area has been targeted for years, creating severe devastation to their people. The constant war connects to the United States in todays world because, for decades we have either been starting the war or finishing it. Thus creating so much change within both our country and the other countries involved.

Chris Cillizza, a CNN reporter had published an article, Donald Trump is treating a potential war like a reality show cliffhanger. He had written about the latest photo-ops with President Trump, who had very vague responses to the potential war threats.

“When you say “maybe it’s the calm before the storm” [North Korea] when surrounded by the top military leaders in the country, it doesn’t take much of a logical leap to conclude there is some sort of military operation in the offing.” Cillizza said.

There is potential war threats coming to the horizon between the United States and North Korea, which is being explained under vague circumstances. This is similar to Khaled Hosseini’s books regarding complete devastation due to war.

Amanda Christy Brown, a New York Times writer, had wrote an article called, Teaching ‘The Kite Runner’ With The New York Times. Her article goes into detail of peoples lives showing similarities to the devastation shown within the intricate words of the Kite Runner. Brown had interviewed multiple readers, who have real life experiences with war and devastation.

“The arbitrary violence of the Taliban reminded her of the deportation of her parents and neighbors in Toulouse to Nazi concentration camps.” said Yvonne Campbell, a reader of the New York Times.

The connection within these genres of historical fiction is showing how devastating war can be to human kind. These literature works have connected so many people to others who have experienced war in all of its ugly aspects.

Now the United States has to potentially experience the same heart wrenching tragedies.

Literature uses its written words to convey the emotions of real life people throughout times of war. It is able to expand deep emotions and solicit thoughts within the readers to show the world how war can affect everyone in different ways.

The United States has the potential to be entering into a war with North Korea, putting another set of countries into devastation and emotional inflictions that were felt within aspects of literature.




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