Concepts of life

Within todays society, there are certain societal norms that are established. For Instance, the idea of going marriage is a societal norm that has developed within the past decades.

Aspects of society where prominent through works of literature. Shakespeare for example, wrote plays written in the 1700s. These plays identified aspects of life from a generation we would have never known about. Shakespeare’s play, Othello identifies society from the renaissance era. During this time it was crucial for a man and wife to consummate the marriage the night of the wedding. If the wife is not a virgin before her wedding then they are cast as someone considered a whore.

During todays world, the idea of marriage is no longer a concept that make or break a persons reputation. Women have more power now, where they can make their own decisions regarding the people they are intimate with. It is no longer a mandatory ideal that the women must remain a virgin before matrimony. Women can raise children without the need of a mans presence. Women can work and be their own person without society judging who they seem to people.

Society has changed drastically over the years. From the renaissance era where women were thought to rely on a man, and to “save” themselves for a worthy man. The connection of man and wife during this period was mainly because of the parents. Many parents of their children picked their spouse due to monetary worth.

Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice proved the idea of women having limited ability within past generations. Jane Bennet, was the eldest daughter of the Bennet family. She was more reserved than the rest of her sisters. Her mother desperately wants her daughters to be well married, so she decides to find them husbands. Jane begins to like Charles Bingley, who is interested in her as well, but he disappears for a while without any notice to Jane causing her to become completely devastated. Her entire world is crushed because she didn’t marry the man whom she loves. She acts as though she will never live again, and her family reacts the same way making it seem as though marriage is the only importance in life.

This concept is completely different in todays generation. Women are capable of marrying whom ever they want without the acceptance of their parents. They marry without the idea of monetary wealth guiding their path. Women can divorce their spouse and take control of the wealth, along with their assets.

The idea of marriage is just a social construct that has lost its status over the years. It is no longer a crucial part of todays society, only a desire wanted. Societal constructs are adaptable, and can be altered with the growth of generations to come.

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