Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Classical literature has affected my life in numerous aspects. It has affected me emotionally and mentally just as it has made an impact on numerous other literature junkies as myself.

Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice has shown aspects of romance throughout different generations in remarkable ways. She enhances the idea of women being strong and independent, which was unheard of during her time period. Jane Austen had established the idea of feminism at an early start. Her character Elizabeth Bennet shows a spunky, strong willed woman who has a sense of herself and what she needs.

Enter Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy man who has a stubborn exterior but a soft spot within that the reader needs to dig out from the text. He is seen as being arrogant and off putting when he dismisses Elizabeth at a ball where dancing with a women is mandatory. While, Elizabeth is dealing with her troublesome love life, her sister Jane is shown with a budding romance with Mr. Darcy’s lovely friend Charles Bingley.

Charles Bingley is a wealthy man, but someone who shows genuine feelings towards everyone. He is kind and warm to everyone he meets, including Jane. They begin to have a connection, with hopes from Jane of a future marriage.

Mr. Darcy, however turns into a lovesick kitten, who becomes attracted to Elizabeth Bennet but, has acted in such a righteous way that Ms. Bennet refuses his proposal.  He no sooner leaves with Mr. Bingley and is not heard of for the entire winter. They leave behind a devastated Jane and a confused Elizabeth.

The way Jane Austen had written the two drastic aspects of both the Bennet girls is striking. She emphasizes two different concepts within her novel. Jane who is a lovesick women, whose only wish in life is to be happily married to a wealthy man. While Elizabeth is more head strong and wants to live her life without the need of settling into a marriage with someone she doesn’t truly love.

These aspects show the problem within this era, how women are thought to not have any ambition, only to settle with a man, take care of the kids and the house with no other thought. Elizabeth, however, shows a contrast to this belief. She is not the typical women during this time, she is shown early signs of feminism and strength that is extremely rare.

It is truly remarkable to see the contrast between traditional views and the incoming modern era breaking its way in. Jane Austen is an amazing writer who understand how to include societal aspects within her stories of love and life. She manages to sneak it in without turning the reader off from political ideas. Jane Austen is an amazing writer who shows her strength within her words.


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