Question and answers are used by so many different authors, writers and journalists to reach their audiences. They use them to engage with their readers and connect with them regarding real life situations. The answers can be related to their work or private life that allow the audience to get an sneak peak into the lives of their favorite authors lives.

I am using a Q&A to show the world how much literature impacts our daily lives.

1.What is one thing you notice everyday because of literature?

Throughout my day I take note of all the little things that connect us to literature. The way someone is carrying a book whether it is in the arms wrapped up tightly, or in their bag being thrown around without care. You can tell if someone is an avid reader or not because of the way they take care of their books. Some people just through them around without care while others actually pay attention to their books and keep them in mint condition.

2.What are some connections you have made with the world and literature?

History tends to repeat itself, so if you read stories from decades ago you will notice little things that have resurfaced, such as how war is a constant within written works. Generations ago war was always talked about and very constant within literature just because that was the time period they lived in. In todays generation though, the idea of war and crisis is sadly returning. In the next few years books will be published with characters during this time period, it’ll show stories surrounding the battles and tragedies throughout this time period.

3.How can literature affect your everyday life?

Literature can show you different aspects of human life. It can show you numerous different personalities, and different ways of living that allows you to make a connection to. You learn about all these different aspects that it makes you become more humble and more understanding to the condition of human life.

4.Do you think literature will resurface just like everything else comes back in style?

I do believe that literature will come back in style. So many people like to explore aspects of life and literature is a way to do that. Everything comes back in style and once people begin to get bored with their everyday existence they will want to branch out to something different, reading.

5. Has there been anything in your life that you have read that has affected your life drastically?

The Catcher in the Rye, the Kite Runner, and the Book Thief are three books that have affected my life drastically. They are all set within a time of crisis, all different times too. Two of them are set in Kabul during war while the Book Thief is set during WWII. they all show different perspectives of war and how no matter what it affects everyone drastically. No body comes out unscathed. It has shown me how to be more humble and how to want to do more for people affected by crisis.

Magic Gardens by Sydney Kerelo

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