Shakespearean plays

William Shakespeare has written numerous plays throughout his lifetime ranging from comedies, tragedies, and histories. He has covered many different topics that focus on addressing ideals that were problematic during his lifetime.

His play Henry IV, was a fictionalized historic play about Englands kings and the royal family blood line. It went into detail regarding Prince Hal and how he was considered a man not worthy to be in the royal blood line. People thought of him as nobody of interest because he would associate himself with low class peasants. However, he turned into the greatest ruler during his time.

Shakespeare used this historical background and fictionalized it to make a play that interested thousands of people. He used his words wisely and made the historical aspect so much more appealing to the community.

Another one of Shakespeare’s plays that I find fascinating is Hamlet. Hamlet is again about a royal family, but there is a twist to this play though. In the very beginning of the play Hamlet gets news that his father was poisoned by his uncle who then proceeds to marry his mother two months after the funeral. This shows a family dynamic that is twisted with complications that cause a blow to come to this royal family. This is a fictionalized piece that accentuates death, fear, and insanity.

Hamlet allows the reader to become rapped up in the inner workings if the human mind. It questions the family dynamic along with bringing the idea of insanity to light. Hamlet and Ophelia especially show insanity in a whole new light. It brings up mental illness, a tricky topic for people then and especially now.

Mental illness is an important aspect in health today. So many people have been exposing their stories of mental illness and seeking help and comfort. It is no longer a hush-hush topic, but is more open and welcoming.

Shakespeare’s plays allow the audience to develop different emotions and ideas while reading them. They open up so many topics for discussion and allow for conversation to begin. His plays create a sense fo wonder and thought provoking discussion that I find fascinating especially now when literature is not as popular.


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