All About Austen

Here are ten facts about Jane Austen’s life and literary works.

All About Austen Audio

  1. She was born on December 16, 1775 in Stevenson Hampshire England
  2. She is the seventh child, second daughter of Cassandra and George Austen. Her father was an Oxford educated rector for a Anglican parish.
  3. She began to write in bound notebooks, these notebooks that she had written numerous stories, poems and plays are referred to as Janes Juvenilia.
  4. Jane wrote numerous stories involving a woman who uses her sexuality, knowledge, and personality to manipulate people into doing what she wants.
  5. Sense and Sensibility began as a series of letters known as Elinor and Marianne.
  6. Pride and prejudice was first known as First Impressions.
  7. In her 30’s after Janes father had passed away and was being bounced around all over the country due to financial restrictions, she began publishing her work under an anonymous name.
  8. Jane became ill in 1816 when she was only 41, slowly perishing until 1817 when she finally passed away.
  9. Her brother Henry revealed to the public that Jane was the author after she had passed away.
  10. In the early 1900’s scholars had begin to recognize her works to be masterpieces, thus establishing her as one of the greatest writers in English history.

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