Expanding our palette

Literature is designed to manipulate the mind in order to create emotions, ideas, to create feelings that bond the reader to the story within the covers. A book is printed ink on pages in the form of words bound between two thick covers that invite the reader into the novel. Those pages of printed ink, contain so many different aspects of the real world manipulated to either express a utopia or to open the readers eyes to the reality of our changing environment.

There are so many different genres, sub genres, sizes, design styles, etc that create different emotions within the reader. Emotions is something that literature desires to receive. The author wants the reader to establish a connection with their written words so their point can get across.

The other day, I was in the airport waiting for my flight to board, when I was browsing the news stand nearby. While searching for anything to catch my eye, I found three different reading options available to me. I could either read a book, multiple magazines or newspapers. The one item I was interested in thought was the book because it had a white cover with a bright yellow stripe running horizontally through, which had caught my eye, interesting me to look further. Upon closer inspection, where that bright yellow stripe was located large black font was placed over it giving me an idea of what the book contained within. It made me stop and look at it because I was interested in knowing what was inside, the cover was so vague that it had caused an interest within me. This interest then led me to read the summary on the back showing me that it was a book regarding emotions. It was expressing how to invoke emotions within people.

The of idea of invoking emotions in people was interesting but not something I would normally read. However, it made me stop and express an interest in it, already reaching its goal for the reader to feel something upon first glance. It had invoked a hint of wonder within me that made me want to branch out of my comfort zone and discover something entirely new.

In todays world, emotions, ideas, opinions, thoughts, are all brought into society to decide what is the right step to take in order to achieve the utopia that everyone is desires to have. Literature is a building block to that change. It changes the minds of those who are blind to the terror in the world. Creating a story that catches the readers attention, creates a strong bond between them and the characters, allowing them to realize the good in the world through their emotions.

Literature, no matter what its about, it could be poetry or about a fishing trip. No matter what it is though, a feeling is given to the reader. It could be a feeling of joy and excitement or a feeling of heartbreak and loneliness but the reader is feeling something towards the issue at hand. Literature is meant to move the reader with words in order to invoke an emotion that allows for a connection between different types of people and lifestyles.

Knowledge, power, all feelings that can be given through reading. Photo by Pixabay.com
Literature creates so many different emotions within every single reader. Photo by pixabay.com

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