The New Year 2018

2017, a year of change, a year of incredible feats and a year of worldly connections. Literature has been exposed drastically throughout this year, whether in the form of journalism or as literary exposure. This year for journalism has excelled drastically with the income of a new president whom has fought the media throughout the entirety of his time in office.

2017 has shown us how words can affect every single person in different ways. One single word can change someones entire aspect drastically. One single word can change an entire idea. The saying “Make America Great Again” can either fill someone with courage or it can fill someone with dread. One word can affect someones entire life.

2017 has brought a year of historic literature, this years Nobel prize winner, Kazuo Ishiguro. Whose novels have shown viewpoints from a low class worker who works for someone of a high class position. He writes stories from before World War II, showing how history has progressed and changed from that time until now. Ishiguro shows the connections and mysteries from a time of hardship to now. His work focuses on the British class system along with morality, memory and the idea of time. Ishiguro is a man whose work is based upon mixed classical authors works and with present ideas.

2017, a year of change. This year has shown how words can create a movement. Just a simple word can start a revolution against wrong doings of the world. This year has shown how a simple statement can cause a revolution; the women’s march, and  the #metoo movement.

The women’s march started right before the start of 2017, but it has grown throughout this year and has become stronger with each passing day. This movement started after the election of our president, when women bound together to protest the removing of planned parenthood. This movement was started by a woman who was expressing her views through words on a facebook post. The simple words that she strung together through her thoughts caused a worldly movement. Women from all over the world banned together to protest a cause they cared about strongly. A few simple sentences created a world wide movement that has continued to grow.

Another movement that has started this year that was caused by two simple words was the #metoo movement. These two simple words have created a mass movement that has liberated women and men from all over the world. These people are using these two words to publicly speak out about their sexual assault. These people have suffered from Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and never had the courage to speak out until someone started the chain of #metoo in order to help others feel confident enough to speak up. These simple words have started a movement that has caused liberation for thousands of people worldwide.

2017 was a year of change, movements, and especially words. Heres to 2018, a year full of hope and ideas of change.



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