Leather Bound Pages

A new book is placed within your hands, imagine the leather covers and bound spine, the paper pages that have never been turned, the never ending possibilities of what words lie within those two leather covers. When opening a book, there is a sense of sophistication and pride,  The sound of the spine snapping back as you lift the front cover. The smell of the ink on the papers as you turn them, admiring the different fonts of the title. The first sentence of the book, introducing the story and bringing the reader in.

Now imagine turning on a new movie for the first time, there is a sense of excitement, but not of mystery and wonder. There is a certain smell or feel you can use to identify the mystery. There isn’t any mystery with whats hidden inside, everything is laid out within the trailers and casing. The feel of opening a book and starting a movie are two entirely different feelings.

First reading a book, it has a sort of intellectual feel, a sense of discovery. While movies drag the audience in but doesn’t bring the sense of emotion and connection in that a book does.

Books create connections with their characters and readers, a sense of emotion is given when describing every single aspect of the characters personality. The reader grows up with the characters, they share a bond with each other, experiencing the same reality through the eyes of someone else.

The emotion behind every word formed and every new chapter that makes the reader want to continue their journey through the story. The moment and build up of real life occurrences through the ink spread upon textured paper.

Movies are exciting and fun to experience but they don’t give you the same detail and lifelike aspect as books do. They don’t make it feel like you are one with them, that you are standing right there on that corner watching the mugging take place. They don’t make you think of yourself when in a situation, they show you someone else’s views. They let you identify the main character, put a face to a name so you don’t have to envision yourself within those walls. Books allow for imagination, for the ability to put yourself in the main characters shoes, to be that character.

There is a connection with each scene and description put in place. There is a visionary aspect that highlights everything making it near impossible to see yourself anywhere else but in that story.

So, If stuck with your favorite story, what would you pick the movie version or the novel?



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