People Watching

Have you ever sat in a crowded room or on a crowded train and just sat and watched. I do it all the time. Everyone is so focused on their phones or listening to music that they never look around. They’re missing out on some pretty incredible things and some really awesome people. I take the train three days a week, I used to sit with my headphones on and stare out the window waiting to get off, but now I sit in silence. I don’t pull my phone out, I don’t continuously stare at nothing. Instead I look at the people around me. most of the time its people on their daily commute to work, other times its people coming to see the city. In the morning the train is packed and I mean PACKED. There is never enough seats for everyone and you are always brushing up against a stranger. Thats life though.

This morning as I sat in my seat, I looked around at all the different faces. What they were doing, some were drinking coffee, reading a book, most were on their phones, and a thought came to mind, how can they spend so long staring at their phones? What is so interesting that they are completely unaware of their surroundings? It shocked me! I am a lover of technology and social media just like the next person but I get bored with it. I lose interest within the first two minutes. I usually just end up playing sudoko over and over again.

Once I had landed in the city, I noticed the same pattern. Walking down the street, everyone I saw was looking down, either at their phone or at their shoes. Nobody was really looking where they were going or taking in their surroundings. Everybody was so focused on their phones that they couldn’t experience truly being. Its a talent to be able to walk and text, im not one who can. I either trip over an imaginary item or run into something that was obviously right in front of me. When I was younger I walked straight into a stop sign because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.

I feel like people would be lost without a phone, they’d have no idea where to go or what to do. They spend so much time staring at it that street signs are meaningless and knowing surrounding buildings is futile. Where would we be if phones stopped working?


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