Hidden Stories

Thrift stores, a place full of mix matched items, passed down relics from generations, stories filling every inch of the building. It may seem like a store full of second hand items but it’s a place that hold so many memories from all over.

Have you ever just walked around a thrift store, looking at all the different items, thinking about where they came from. Instead of seeing them as old things that no one wanted, look at them as the window to passed lives. Think about everything that they saw, and lived through. The different environments they’re from and all the different life experiences they have seen. Everybody experiences life differently, no two people are the same. Everyone has their own story, their own thoughts, their own experiences. Imagine walking through the aisles of items that show who a person is, what they once were.

A thrift store is more than just bargained second hand goods, it’s a place full of stories. From children’s toys to furniture, dozens of pieces that have been handed down from person to person for generations. Each item once had a home, a place where life happened, they were so significant to someone at one point. That glass vase once held flowers given to a loved one on Valentine’s Day. The clay pot was once given to a mother from her child, a present made in school. Everything within those walls came from somewhere, they at one point In time had a purpose and will one day have it again.

Sometimes you can find the most interesting antique items in a thrift store.

There are stories hidden within every item, every piece of furniture or glass dish. Every wrist watch and record player. Each item shows a past, a story, a meaning from the person who owned them. Each item gets exchanged between strangers for generations.


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