Patience is a virtue

When living in modern society, things change constantly. Whether it be technology, the shaping of our culture, the change in businesses or the way that the ideals of society are turning to crap. Things change within the world and sometimes not for the better.

In todays society people don’t want to work, they want something and they need to have it this very second. They have lost the art of patience.

I am a huge example of this. I have no patience, if I’m waiting for food delivered or for the train to come in the next 3 minutes, I get impatient. I hate waiting for things, I hate having to continue doing the same things everyday, week by week, waiting for something, anything to happen. When it involves work, thats when I’m at my worst. I hate sitting around, the idea of waiting for something to do kills me slowly inside, I need to be productive and proactive at all times to feel like I’m doing something meaningful. This isn’t the case though, patience is something that I have learned but I do still despise it.

Companies, businesses, jobs, and people are slowly going down the drain, with their ideals, desires, wants, and morals. Businesses, especially the entertainment business such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio, are being forced to produce content immediately as it happens. They are forced to go into hyper drive to report on that story of a cat being stuck in a tree because the world needs that news now. Reporters and journalists are forced to create content out of meaningless material because they don’t have enough hard hitting news to publish every minute. Life doesn’t happen like a cops tv show, where crimes and danger are occurring every second. Sometimes there just is nothing to report on, which is where the listicles come into place. These short fluff pieces to draw in attention and to create revenue when there is nothing interesting happening.

Why does the modern person today spend hours upon hours scrolling through facebook, twitter, and instagram? There is only so much to look at before the material begins to repeat, when the information slowly becomes molded together creating a mind numbing experience. This is something that the modern world faces and has a hard time working against; how to keep these mindless individuals entertained for hours while waiting for something truly interesting to occur. Journalists have got think about how to make a story of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn into the most viewed story of the day, a story that doesn’t benefit anyone in anyway.

I am the biggest offender of being impatient, of always needing something to do or something to look at, but I have realized that life doesn’t work that way. That sometimes we just need to take a break from the news and the fluff articles that were reading in order to discover whats really going on. Yeah, there might not be any crime happening in the neighborhood today, but there may be something else that you wouldn’t have known about if you didn’t put the phone down. As so many people have said for centuries, patience is a virtue.


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