The letters that are stuck together placed on a stock white piece of paper, the words that spell out messages. These letters form words that do so much more than describe a thought to someone. They are meant to invoke a sense of feeling within the reader. The size and legibility of the type faces show a deeper meaning than you could ever think about.

These little letters, with their different ways about them, their scripture and style. These words create meaning, feelings, and inspiration within every different soul. The way that the letters feet stick out or the way that they connect with each other, swooping into one another, creating meaning. The cursive connection of a word can invoke a feeling of fanciness, it can make the reader desire to be proper, dignified, and sophisticated. While the bubble type , with its balloon appearance can make the reader feel sassy, bold and vibrant.

These different font choices with their small differences create meanings that vary worlds apart. The feeling of a doctors office is caused by the signs you read, the outlook of type faces. While the atmosphere of a karaoke lounge is created with its bold and funky outlook, with the vibrant colors and unique texts. A dentists office has a sign on the door that is bold, ominous, block, serif type staring back at you, haunting and sterilizing you with its appearance. Its black coloring and hinted innuendos, its dreary type gives off the expression of a no nonsense environment.

When entering a coffee shop, being greeted by the bright red flashing open sign and the fresh smell of brewed coffee beans. That swift swoosh of the letters as they haphazardly smash into each other creating a word that is almost unreadable. Those mismatch letters happen to create a feeling of liveliness, of the awakening of the soul and the morning rush before the day begins. These letters written on the door are more than just the spelling of a word, they have the ability to create feelings within people, to bring a connection between each person that walks through those doors.

Fonts are more than an artists ability to bring a unique outlook onto a type face. It is about inspiring a sense of gratitude, a sense of pride and emotion within the onlookers.

Typography is more than the combination of letters to create a sentence. It is more than the words used to share a sense of entitlement. They are more than the ways to express the passion within each person’s mind as they create a mark of their existence. They are meant to create, inspire, and ignite people to think more about their hidden messages than their outward appearance.


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