The New Age

Recently, I have become more focused on becoming healthier not just physically but mentally as well. Mental health and meditation, used to be known to me as an old wives tale, something that you believed because your parents said so, but it wasn’t actually true. But, mental health is becoming more and more prominent as the years go by, especially in this world of modern technology where you can look at social media all day long, everyone is always up to something. It has become so accessible for people to know exactly what the other is doing at any given moment. Its scary to have someone snooping on every little thing you do, but thats the new world.
Today if you dont have a social media account your chances of getting a job are slim. Thats all that people look for now, you no longer have to submit a paper resume, you just give them the URL to your LinkedIn account and boom there you have it. Its an entirely different atmosphere that can be overwhelming.
When looking back on classic literature from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s you can see the drastic shift in personalities, ideals and thoughts. In Jane Austen’s Persuasion, the aspects of society and lifestyle is drastically different when compared to now. The main character Anne Elliot and her family live the simple life, with nothing but each other and the newcomers they meet along the way. They spend their days taking walks, reading, talking with each other. They never feel the need to leave their small town or to be always doing something. They never have to fear about missing out or not getting enough likes on Instagram. They just go about their days enjoying every minute of it with each other.
Have you ever just sat and looked around at the people around you? if your in a mall or at the beach take a look at the people surrounding you. Everyone has their phones pressed into the palms of their hands, eyes glued and thumbs flying. They are walking down the aisles of the mall staring at their phones, looking at online clothes rather than the ones right there. In a food court, people are sitting with their friends or families eating, but their phones are either right there in their hands or sitting on the table, screen lit up.
I love technology, I am astonished by the miraculous things that it can do and I love exploring every detail of it. Whether that is always having the newest item or always discovering more things that I can do with it. I love the ways that communication has been enhanced, and the ways that I can sort out my entire life with the click of a button. I love every aspect of technology but there comes a point where you become so consumed with it that you forget about the real world and who you are.
In a sense, I guess that makes me more old fashioned, how I don’t like when people are on their phones at the dinner table. I would rather read a printed book then read off of a kindle. I like to have genuine conversations with people rather than the small talk that happens so often now a days.
The idea of being stuck inside staring at a computer when its sunny and bright outside depresses me. I love the ever-changing nature of the seasons, I love seeing the leaves change and flowers blossom. I would take long walks by myself with just my thoughts everyday if I had the chance to, just like Anne Elliot. Relaxed, carefree, and living the simple life, not being badgered with the ever beeping of income notifications on your phone. Just a book and your thoughts, and the rediscovery of who I am and where I want to go.

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