IMG_2041I have been on a dog obsession for years, I have wanted to get a dog for months now, but as circumstances would have it I don’t have the time to care for one properly. I feel less anxious when im around dogs, every time I snuggle up with either my own dogs or my grandparents dogs I feel a sense of relief fade away, my anxiety slowly starts to seep away and my mind is solely focused on playing or snuggling that sweet innocent dog. The on thing that I have thought of to help with my puppy fever, was to volunteer at an animal shelter, I want to spend time with dogs and help them live a happier life, even if that is by just going and walking them.

When I first came to the shelter to volunteer, I was incredibly nervous. I didnt know what to expect, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But, I did. The first moment I saw those dogs I knew that I was doing the right thing. I was doing this for myself but more importantly I was doing it to help them, the animals who deserve love and affection. The animals who have been stuck in the shelter for weeks on end for no fault of their own. I was doing this for those dogs.

I decided to start volunteering because I love dogs, I am obsessed with them actually. When I see a dog walking down the street I run over to it and have to pet them, its like a dire need. I think they are the sweetest things in this entire world. Recently I have lost one of my own dogs. She was a rescue from the animal shelter that I forced my dad to take me too, “just to look”. I searched for weeks on every animal website I could find, searching for the dog that I knew I could convince my dad into getting. After searching through websites we ended up going to the local ASPCA, I was told that we were only going to look at her, nothing else. Well, the second we saw her I fell in love and it was over from there, she came home with us that very day.

Now, she was a dog that was returned to the shelter 4 different times. She was the sweetest little thing in this entire world, she would never hurt a fly. All she wanted was to be loved and cared for. If you came near her expect to have your face full of dog slobber. She was the sweetest thing ever, she was just anxious, like myself. She didn’t like being alone which prompted her to poop in the house, not because she couldn’t hold it, she was just mad you left. If you took her outside and left her out there for even a second just to grab something, she would cry and repeatedly and lick the door until you returned. But she had a heart of gold.

She’s the reason I started volunteering. She passed away a couple months ago and even then she lived with us for 10 years. I have other dogs and I didn’t live with her full time but she was my dog, the first one that I got to pick out by myself. She was such a sweet and innocent soul and picturing her in a shelter is awful.

Thats why I started volunteering, to help those who need it. It’ll be sad when I get attached and they get brought home, but I know that it was for the better. I know that I would want someone to love my dog while they’re temporarily living in a shelter. I would feel better knowing that they were well taken care of and loved. To be that comfort and to give them all the love that they deserve until they find their forever homes.

So heres to #nationalpuppyday for all those dogs, puppies or not, who deserve all the love and attention they will surely get today.



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