To be a writer…

Staring at the keyboard in front of me I see random letters, all piled up together without ever making sense. I see nothing more than those black squares with white lines, but then something happens. As I sit staring at those little black squares my hands being to move, my brain begins to think, words begin to appear in front of that ever blinking cursor. Thoughts begin. This is the process every writer has experienced, the linking of thoughts and the combining or words.

As I sit on the moving train, my bag wedged haphazardly in my lap, making my arms stick out and my legs go numb. As i’m sitting on that moving train with the loud horn blowing and the sound of silence ringing through the aisles. I read. Nor from a book or a magazine but from my phone. While others stand about staring at pictures and videos, I read. Either excerpts from a book or the news, I read. I read to inspire, I read to enhance, I read to learn, I read to be more than I am. A writer must read, they must absorb everything that they see, hear, or learn in order to become great. That is what I strive to do, to soak up everything from the information I read in order to reproduce something amazing.

As I lay I my warm bed with the blankets piled up under my chin and my pillows caressing me like a big hug, I listen. I listen to the tv as it plays its whisper through the night. I hear the stories and shows that play a beat through my head as I lay semi conscious. I again am absorbing those around me, processing, recreating, something that I hope to repurpose into something new.

As a writer it can be difficult to produce new information, to make yourself known. It can be hard to establish a sense of who you are and express that through a story that others will read. As a writer you must be able to look around you and create something new.

When I was a child I used to replay tv shows in my head, over and over, changing the plot to what I had wished. I used to repeatedly work the story around and around until I thought it was perfect, until the image had finally lost its luster and I moved on to the next. Something I still do today, but this time through my words.


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