Coffee Time!

Waking up is supposed to be refreshing, relaxing, and hopeful. Its supposed to be this time to start over, to make something out of yourself.

Well, at least thats what I always hope, my mornings start with hitting snooze a few times and then literally falling out of bed. First thing I do in the morning is make a piping hot cup of coffee, bringing the mug close to my face and taking a breath of the deliciously fresh brewed wonder that is coffee.

After that first cup there will be another, and another, and sometimes even one more, depending on the day. When I speak to people who have either never had a sip of coffee in their lives or never drink it im amazed, how are you awake and functioning right now?! It really blows my mind to think that someone can operate without caffeine.

Every so often on a nice day, I will venture out and try to discover all the coolest coffee shops around me, ones that are unique and are local businesses. The shops that have character, aesthetic, and convey a feeling inside each and every person who walks through those doors.

The ones that you can literally taste the coffee as its being prepared.  The ones with the industrial style and the waft of the brew that hits you in the face as soon as the door opens. The places where all you can hear is the churning of beans and the slushing of cream as it shoots out of the machine and into the cup. The ones that provide actual glass mugs rather than paper ones.
Those are the places to explore, to get the feeling of serene calmness and peace. The anxiety and stress all melts away as I take a seat at that little cafe table by the window.  I always feel content and productive, my stress melts and my mind has room to breath.

Every time I step into a coffee shop the calmness spreads over me, seeping into my skin until I find myself completely relaxed. I might have a book, my laptop, some homework and I have the ability to concentrate, to freely be me without the stress of the world invading.

I could even sit there with nothing at all but my coffee cup and my thoughts, staring out at the people walking by or observing my fellow coffee shop goers. The tension lifts, the stress dissipates, and my mind is taking course, having the freedom to think, but two seconds later when im walking out the door my thoughts get left right there at that tiny cafe table.


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