Letters of the written word..

The term literature came from the latin word Littera meaning ‘letters’, referring to the written word, written in either in poetry or prose about life, religion, philosophy, anything began years and years ago. The staple that connects every individual to each other, through their history and their language.

Not only is literature the telling of a story, but it is a way to remember and explain an event within history. The Pyramid Texts of Egypt are considered literature because they tell a story, they bring you through the journey of the soul in the afterlife, the travel in the Field of Reeds. Even though it is considered a historical artifact, it is a story, a way to communicate from one person to the next creating a way to express a journey.

A majority of classical literature, ones that date back to before there was ever such thing as writing, are composed in a poetical sense. They have been orally told for generation and generations finally being written down from memory. Stories were not things inspired from your imagination but the retelling of great heroes and the feats they had to conquer.

Each story is mingled together, no matter the language or the origin, each story is retold and intertwined with each and every culture.

Italian literature was comprised of French prose, adapting and recreating events within their stories, creating something similar but in a sense entirely new. These stories were written mostly in French with dialects and elements of their own Italian language creating a multilingual story.

Each story was re worked, holding aspects from the original and changing aspects to make a new idea. They incorporated aspects of the French language while also creating their own.

Literature is the mixing of every culture, every language, and every historical event. Literature connects everyone, bringing them together and making them equals, no matter what race they are or what country their from, every story is linked together making us all one.


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