The Seasons of Life

There are only four seasons in the year, fall, winter, spring and summer. Yet the weather changes and the months collide together bringing in an endless mesh of days becoming weeks, becoming months, becoming years. Then the next thing you know its December 31st and you’re ringing in a new year yet again wondering how the days past so quickly.

Life has a way of speeding by without ever slowing down, the seasons are meant to cause a break in the endless cycle that is life. They bring a change and a reason so stop and take a look at whats around you.

Fall brings Halloween, and the cool breeze blowing through the air making your hair stand on its end, bringing you closer to one another. Warm wool sweaters get pulled out of the back of closet, boots get brought back to life and blankets encapsulate everyone and everything. Colors of yellow, orange and red are shown through every window and door, highlighting the everyone is a cozy, serene atmosphere.

Winter, it brings the merry celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and the changing of the year. The cool breeze turns to an icy storm with white flakes dancing throughout the sky and piles of snow fill the streets. Heavy coats get layered with scarves, gloves and hats covering every inch of skin to protect from the cold. The cold is dissolved quickly upon the warmth of burning hot houses, blasting their heaters and cooking hot food to warm up the soul. The cold is soon forgotten once snuggled up under a blanket by the fire.

Spring brings the shedding of layers, the feel of the sun beating on your back, the shine of bright white skin as it finally gets to see the light. Spring brings new colors and smells, bright lights and outdoor play. The houses are empty while the streets are full of those trying to soak up every second of sunlight they can. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, there is no more hustle to get inside but a frenzy of who can stay out the longest.

Summer, it brings warmth, sunshine and the smell of sunblock drifting through the air. With blue skies and warm sunshine, the beaches are crowded with tanned skin and happy faces. Summer is a time for barbecues, picnics and the gathering of friends. With celebrations like July 4th and Labor day, there is always music, good food, good drinks and the fun of playing in the ocean. Summer is a time for relaxation, to spend time together with nothing but excitement and fun.

All four seasons have a different meaning, they bring forth a different feeling and excitement within each person. They are meant to switch our tracks, to make us well rounded and controlled. They change our paces and make us come together as a whole.


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