Get to know me!

My name is Sydney Kerelo, I am a junior Journalism major, English minor currently attending Rowan University. I come from South Jersey but have recently moved up north, so the surrounding towns of Glassboro come easy to me.

I work as a copyeditor for Rowan’s school newspaper, The Whit and I am an Intern for Philadelphia Magazine. My dream for when I graduate is to work within a publishing company, whether that be books, magazines or even newspapers. I would love to work as an editor writing and copyediting stories.

Some inspirations that I have to get me through my education are seeing all of the employees at Philly Mag. They are all so hardworking and really take their job seriously. It shows me what its like to work in a publishing company and how you really have to love what you do. I am inspired daily, from people I see on the streets to quotes posted on social media. Everything in some way inspires me to be better than I was yesterday. I want this blog to show who I am and what I am interested in. I want people to see a different concept and possibly relate to the things that I love. I am a big literature junkie, for example, I love classical literature and want to share that love with those that love it too. I want to be able to connect with people through writing.

Within my time as a student at Rowan University I have studied different aspects of a journalism career along with the numerous aspects linked in the English Literature community. I have dealt with and learned different formats regarding the publishing industry that splits into Journals, Magazines, and Books.

I have learned critical thinking and philosophies, in depth thinking within intellectual creative writers.

I have done hands on work with newspaper formatting and the industry. Writing articles about different aspects of news. I have edited and formatted numerous columns that express very different aspects.Β I hope to achieve more experience when it comes to a journalism career.

I aspire to edit books within the publishing companies. Along with the desire to learn all the aspects of journalism through broadcasting, public relations, online formatting, design, grammar and many more aspects that will allow me to be well rounded within the journalism community.

Sydney Kerelo